Living Planet [Preorder]

Living Planet [Preorder]

Magic Dungeon

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Item description
Duration: 30-120mins
Players: 1-4
Age: 14+
In Living Planet, each player portrays one of the major Galactic Corporation exploiting the planet Myceliandre. Each one of them much eager to industrialize the planet and generate as much profit as possible.

But the more the corporations extract resources from the planet, the more she fights back sending cataclysms on its surface to get rid of this cancerous humanity exploiting her.

Players will have to optimize their actions, use the stock market as best as possible to generate some benefits, explore the planet to discover new resources available and construct production, marketing or protective buildings to ensure their future. But most of all, players should be more careful towards the planet itself than towards the scoring of the other players…

            • 54 BUILDING TILES
            • 1 MARKET BOARD
            • 1 LEADER BOARD
            • 4 PLAYER’S SCREEN
            • 4 DICE
            • 4 FATE CONTROL TOKENS
            • 60 CURRENCY COINS TOKENS

            • 49 CARDS:
                  • 25 STOCK MARKET CARDS
                  • 24 PLANET CARDS

            • 118 WOODEN ELEMENTS:
                  • 48 RESOURCES
                  • 40 AUTOMATION TOKENS
                  • 20 SCIENTISTS
                  • 8 MOTORIZED SCIENTIST

            • 1 RULEBOOK

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