Gekido: Bot Battles [Preorder]

Gekido: Bot Battles [Preorder]

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Item description

Control your bot in the arena of the future, and annihilate the competition!

In the future, underground bot battles are the world’s most popular sport. Gekido is the pinnacle arena, attracting champions from all over the world. It takes skill, timing, and flawless execution if you want to walk out of Gekido with your pride, and your robot, intact. Round after round, you’ll target opponents and attempt to hit them with crippling attacks. Success means you deal them damage, but a misfire results in harming your own bot. Take advantage of powerful Tech cards and use parts of the arena, like Laser Turrets and Energy Stations. As bots get closer to annihilation, they fight with more ferocity. Taking on damage unlocks powerful abilities. But be careful, too many hits and you’ll be eliminated from the competition. Only one bot will come out on top!

Duration: 30mins

Players: 2-4

Age: 14+


Gekido: Bot Battles
  • 6Bot Control Panels
  • 28Structure Dice
  • 6Programming Dice
  • 46Tech Cards
  • 9Arena Tiles
  • 18Target Lock Tokens
  • 6Pre-Painted Bots
Awesome Bots
Awesome Bots
Choose from six different amazing bots to do your fighting in the arena. Each one is represented by a highly-detailed, fully-painted miniature with its own special abilities that can be unleashed during the match.
Use the Arena
Use the Arena
The arena is much more than just a ring to do battle in. Depending on your location, you can take advantage of Higher Ground, Laser Turrets, or even Hot Grills.
Fast Fights
Fast Fights
Gekido matches last about thirty minutes, so even if you’re eliminated from one battle, you’ll be ready to step back into the ring in no time!

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